●? Frequent disinfection: toys, tableware and clothing, towel s and bedding that

●? Frequent disinfection: toys, tableware and clothing, towel s and bedding that

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When the child is focused on class, the number of blinks will decrease, which may cause dry eyes, which can remind the child to pay attention to blinking. Every blink must be completely closed and then opened. Before going to bed at night, you can close your eyes and apply hot towels for a few minutes (pay attention to the temperature and avoid burns), which can relieve eye fatigue and dryness to a certain extent.

4. The electric towel bar is also a necessary thing in the bathroom, especially in the toilet with no windows and poor ventilation, the towel can be dried at any time with the electric towel rack, and it is also comfortable to wipe your face every day.

The temperature changes greatly in the morning and evening in spring, so we should pay attention to adding clothes to the children to prevent them from being caught by the cold wind and catch a cold. Compared with adults, children are less adaptable and should prevent colds. At the same time, we should pay attention to the spring cover, but not too much, because the child wears too much, suddenly take off, easy to catch cold. Pay attention to wearing and taking off clothes gradually depending on sweating in the process of exercise. If the child finishes exercise, go back indoors, dry the sweat with a dry towel and dress in time.

●? Frequent disinfection: toys, tableware and clothing, towel s and bedding that

●? Frequent disinfection: toys, tableware and clothing, towels and bedding that children have come into contact with can be disinfected by boiling or soaking in hot water for more than 30 minutes, scrubbing the floor and toilets with disinfectant, and ultraviolet lamps for air disinfection.

Xx Textile is a limited liability company specializing in the export of towels. Its towels are exported to as many as 20 countries and regions, with * and India as the main exporters. After the sales manager receives the order and assigns the task to the follower, the follower should follow up in time, communicate with the production workshop and arrange the production of the machine. After the sample is produced, be responsible for sample testing. As the production has been going on, if there are any problems, we should communicate with the production in time to ensure the production of products that meet customer requirements. Another main task of the order clerk is to communicate with the outsourcing factory, responsible for ordering all kinds of auxiliary materials for packing towels, such as cartons, bags, card paper, waist seals, stickers and so on. It is required to send these auxiliary materials to the warehouse for timely packaging before the qualified towels are shipped to the finishing workshop in the production workshop. After confirming the packaging of the product, assign the task to the packaging staff in the finishing workshop to ensure that the towels are loaded in the cabinet on time.